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What is SEO and What Are The Best 4 Seo Tools

What is SEO and What Are The Best 4 Seo Tools
Seo or Search Engine Optimization is Process to Develop Websites to Suit Requirements of different Search Engines Like Google or Bing to Appear in First Search Resaults for keywords and terms used from clients to Companies and Projects and Businesses . Search Engines is a Source of 70% of Website Visits, Visitors use Search Engines to Search For Products or Services with hundreds of Articles Posted to Answer the Questions of Visitors and the Precence of Most Famous Websites for Companies that provide good services.

Benfits of Seo for Companies Websites ?

There are many benfits of seo to companies websites for individual especially websites for projects or commercial activities where it is main source to website visitors that help to increase profits of companies and commercial activities through organic traffic and there is additional options to benfits from search engines through ads in search engines . for example through optimize your website and competition for keyword that have search volume 1000 search per month you will appear in first results for this keyword 10000 time for customers . if percentage of click to your website page (%CTR) in the first three results of search 10% from count of appear times ( 1000 visit for you website ) and it is less than precentage of click for first three results and the completed conversions for example purchase products of your commercial activities or subscribe to services you provide is 10% only mean 100 process complete and profits is 100$ so profits will be through optimize your website for search engines requirements is 10.000$ per month ( 120.000$ per year ) through visitors without any ads in search engines for your website . increase count of visitors will build subscribers for your commercial activites and subscribers will care about what you provide from special content ( posts ) and when you answer for visitors questions will make trust for visitors and that good for your project or commercial activitys . competition high for first results in search engine so process of optimize websites for search engines need more work and people expert for seo for Larg projects and commercial activities but for beginner websites and bloggers i will explain more advice to optimize your website to be suit search engine requirements and provide positive browsing experience for website visitors .

How Search Engine Work ?

Search Engine Work by Search for Website have Articles related with what user search for then sort it and appear to users by sorting and indexing according of content quality and success of website in seo progress . this process done by search spiders and it is responsible for crawling and tracking links between diffrent website pages or withing same website pages, to help search engines such as google to crawling and index pages of your new website created or content that modified by tool URL Inspection in the Google Search Console in order to index pages of your website in a few minutes and appear to search engines to customers as soon as possible ( within day or two day ) in cas of outperforming the competing sites for the same search keywords and terms and factors for ranking pages websites in results of diffrent search that i will explan in next paragraph .

Most Important Factors for Ranking Websites in Search Pages Results

the efforts of website in seo progress will not guarantee appear in first results of search engine uless case care about all details and focus on all factors that effect to sort website and diffrent pages in search engines who visitors search for, the most important of which are :

Content Quality

the most effected factor to success efforts in seo, especially on-page seo for any website is quality of content for what visitors search for by keywords and terms ( search keywords ) from visitors . you can determine keywords and search volumes per month by google keyword planner and you can use more tools and websites to determine keywords and terms for your website content and get new ideas for content, including:
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
develop website content include steps in order to increase visitors and helpful to visitors from your website content the most important of which are:
  1. Page Title: must include the search keyword and refer to content of page to increase percentage of visit page over the count times of impressions in search results ( click through rate ), which also important factor to sort your website in search results and title must not exceed 65 characters to full appear in pc and mobiles .
  2. Meta Description: meta description appear in search results where to brief description about page content you must care about meta description where to increase percentage of visits to page on the number of impressions in various search results like page title and must not exceed 156 characters to full appear include search keyword .
  3. Page URL: appear too in search result like title and meta discription and create brief description to page content through 4 or 5 keywords at the most include search keyword and be close to page title .
  4. Heading: distribute content of page to subtitles include most of it not all the main search keyword help search engines to understand content of page better and index pages of website better and appear to better sort in search results .
  5. Text and Visual Content: whether it is page of article to blogger or wordpress or page to marketing product or service it must contain special content answer to all questions for page visitors by text and use features of graphic design and video ( Motion Graphics ) to increase interaction with page content and increase browsing time ( Dwell Time ) which is important to sort pages in search results .
  6. Internal & External Links: presence of internal links in page content to other pages within the website or external links for content and websites related it will enrich the content of page and link pages of website internally and facilitating process of seach engine spiders in crawling and indexing and sort pages of your website in search results .

User Experience

The number of website visits it will not be important and effective in process of seo and sort website in search result in case the most of visitors left various pages in few seconds for several reasons, the most important of which are:
  1. Loading Speed: slow loading of your website page and taking more than 2 to 4 seconds or more will make visitors left your page and search for page loading speed . you can check your website speed through PageSpeed Insights which provides an overall and detailed for your website speed on pc or mobile and advice to improve speed of loading website pages .
  2. Website Design: process of website design must include comfortable colors that are comfortable to the eye and responsive to different devices .
  3. Website Structure: Create Categories for content of website with insert internal links for pages related will improve quality of internally website structure by link all pages to each other with categories and nominations for similar content or similar products and services and facility process of search engines in crawling and indexing your website pages and you must create sitemap for your website .
  4. Web Content: avoiding all factors that lead to poor user experience from website visitors will effect positively for your website ranking in search results for search keywords.

The Numbers and Quality of external links ( Backlinks Quality )

external links is positive indicator from other websites to your website and evidence of quality content for other websites visitors and it is second important factor in the success of websites in progress of seo and achieving the best ranking in the first search results . Content Quality is the first way to get external links from websites have content related and it will increase numbers of shares in social media, which contributes to increase website visitors and increase chances to get high quality of external links from websites have high domain authority . Quality of external links from websites that effect and importance compared to the number of external links, the most important websites you can post parts from your website and get external links with high quality is:
  • Medium

Compatible Website with Browsing From Mobile Devices ( Mobile Friendly )

the percentage of browsing websites from mobile devices increasing daily, that effect to algorithms of search engines, where to crawling and index pages of website compatible with browsing from smart phones ( Mobile-First Index ) in case website compatible with factors experience of browsing from mobile from loading speed and responsive design and content with various different device and screen sizes will show your website pages in better sort in search results . you can check precentage of compatible with browsing from mobile through Google Mobile-Friendly test and explore problems incompatible pages with browsing from mobile and use Google AMP to increase Pages Loading Speed through Mobile Phones .

Security Concerns

Search Engines recommend the importance of the security of websites and personal information for website visitors and recommend website visitors that not have SSL Certificate not record any personal information on these websites, SSL Certificate work to encrypts any information in the websites in order to increase security through all browsing experience, every websites have SSL Certification is added to url of the website HTTPS insted of HTTP as an indication of the security and to achieve better ranking in search results .

Website Issues Maintenance

review and check website every time improve performance for website visitors and type content with seo and search engines requirement will save advanced positions in search results . Steps to Review and Check and Maintaining Website Include:
  1. update your sitemap and robot.txt per weekly to make sure pages indexed .
  2. make sure pages compatible with mobile devices .
  3. reduce redirects to other pages and replace deleted pages with Home Page .
  4. make sure there is no duplicated content or pages with same title or duplicated description ( meta description ) .
  5. follow up and edit the errors in develop website .
  6. follow up website pages loading speed and work to increase loading speed until be compatible with requirements of search engines .
  7. focus to develop all the factors ranking your website in the search results through seo professionals in optimization websites to search engines ( Seo ), will insure ranking your website and increase website visitors ( web traffic ) .

Best Seo Tools

there is many platforms and tools to improve websites to search engines, the most important of which are: Google Search Console Google search console is the most important tool for webmasters, which provide tool to follow up performance of website and compatible with search engines requirements and reports of the number of impression website in search results and number of clicks in the website pages and keywords used in search process of your website and tool for indexing website pages and reports of internal or external links ( Backlinks ) and reports of compatible website with the browsing experience from mobile devices . Google Analytics Platform of Google Analytics provide performance analysis and statistics for websites and mobile applications, which include the number of website visits and source of traffic, identification of personal categories for website visitors ( country of residence - gender - average age - devices used to browsing ) and the average duration of browsing pages of the website . Ahrefs platform Ahrefs have tools to optimize websites for search engines, which provide check websites, studying competitors websites, analyzing and selecting main searching keywords, analyzing website position with referance to external links ( Backlinks ) and detailed analysis of content quality . Semrush platform semrush provide tools for website optimization to search engines ( Seo ), Which the most importand are ( comprehensive website examination - competitor analysis - innovative ideas to increase the volume of website visits - analysis of external links ( Backlinks ) - statistics and analysis of website visits - content quality analysis - analysis and selection of main search keywords ) .