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7 Steps to Create a Wordpress Website

7 Steps to Create a Wordpress Website

Create a Wordpress Website is a great choice for anyone who want create professional website, through wordpress you can create professional website easily and quickly without and programming skills or long working hours .

Wordpress is the best platform for creating a website, wether a website for small business or commercial website or blog or educational website, in this article i will explain how to create wordpress website .

According to official wordpress website there is 41% of the websites in the internet created by wordpress, includes famous websites get millions of visitors per month .

What is Wordpress ?

Wordpress is a Content Management System to create website and manage it easy and simple .

wordpress is open source system based to php language and developing by many developer around the world .

through wordpress you can create any type of websites whether a blog or social media website or forum or professional commercial website but it is perfect in case you create blog or news website .

you must understand there is two platforms of wordpress:


this is complete platform to create blog or website (website builder), it is full solution for create website, where to provide you hosting, domain name, tool to build website and manage the website .

This platform is paid and provide various packages to paid by monthly or yearly .

Wordpress.org this is open source wordpress platform, which you can get package of Content Management Software Package or to download themes or tools .

To Creat Website in this platform you need hosting to website and domain name because here you will depend to platform only to get require files to setup in your hosting that will enable you build your website .

Wordpress Website Requirements

Payment Method

to create wordpress website you need subscribe to webhosting and need domain name and buy professional template and maybe some paid plugins .

that require you to have one of payment methods for paying to website or companies that you will buy requirments of your website from .

you should know the websites or companies differ among themselves according to payment methods that they accept, in any case there is two payment methods most websites or companies accept them:

Credit Cards

go to your local bank to know conditions of obtaining credit cards or register with payoneer to get credit card.


paypal is the best electronic bank at all, which is can link by credit card then used as payment method secure and accepted .

Skills in elctronic dealings

not advanced skills just enough skills to register on website and setup and manage your wordpress website .

also manage your wordpress website from dashboard .

Some Knowledge of English Language

the english language is important in everything related to internet, when creating wordpress website you will need english language .

Steps to Create a Wordpress Website

Domain Name Reservation

domain name is the name of your website on the internet for example www.example.com and the best domains end with .com.

you must buy domain name to appear your website in the internet .

alot of companies provide you domain when reservation host for a year and their have stores to buy domain names and there is offers when buy domain names .

Best Companies to Buy Domain Names

Hosting Reservation

hosting is service to save files of your website content and there is many hosting companies for wordpress, the most important of which are :

  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy

Install Wordpress

to can install wordpress there is two cases:

the first case: you choose wordpress hosting and in this case you must do this steps : go to cpanel from your hosting and scroll to WordPress Tools then press to WordPress Installer Icon to start download wordpress .

the second case : you choose host not specified to WordPress Sites and in this case you must setup wordpress manually .

Choose a WordPress Theme

after install wordpress on your website you must choose theme compatible with your website content .

you can use wordpress themes or buy theme from ThemeForest store .

Customize the WordPress Theme

customize theme enable you adjusting menus and home page settings and more important tasks, to customize your website follow this steps:

  1. go to dashboard of your website .
  2. stand on appearance tab in side menu then choose customize .
  3. then you can change name and logo .
  4. also you can adjust template through stand on appearance then choose Themes then press customize button under used theme .

Install Important Plugins

plugins designed to expand capabilities of wordpress and add features and new functions to your website, after install wordpress you can install or upload some plugins that help you to build your website completely .

Steps to Install Plugins:

  1. press to plugins in the side menu then choose add new .
  2. in the search field type plugin name .
  3. choose the plugin you want install it .
  4. press install then press active .
  5. you can adjust and activate plugin features from plugins in the side menu .

Start Publish Content for Website

content in wordpress divide into two types articles and pages and you can link group of articles by one category, use wordpress to design your website is easy and simple and depend on type of content .

Steps to Create WordPress Post:

  1. go to posts then add new .
  2. you can add title and text and link post by category .
  3. press publish .
  4. press to view post to be able to view post in visitor mode .

Most Questions About Creating Wordpress Website

How Much Cost to Build WordPress Website ?

average prices for most elements you will need to build wordpress website:

domain name: price of new domain name in range from 8 to 15 dollars paid yearly .

hosting: price in range 5 to 50 paid monthly .

wordpress theme: price in range 20$ to 130$ one time payment .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress ?

most important advantages and disadvantages of wordpress:


cost of create wordpress website is little compared to other options . possibility to upgrading to add more features . you can create through wordpress any type of websites .


need some technical skills in the beginning . you can do anything by wordpress but you will need more technical skills in certain stages . you will need paid plugins if you want grow your website .

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