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12 skills for successful programmer

12 skills for successful programmer
The right combination of in-demand skills helps a successful programmer to create an integrated program at the optimal time, Skills if you care about them as much as you care about coding and programming, will make a huge difference, and increase your productivity and job opportunities in companies.

 What skills do you need to be a computer programmer?

there is no single skill that you can succeed with, and there must be many skills that overlap and help you succeed, including technical and soft skills, and God’s success above all. What you have to do is diligence and strengthen yourself in these skills. All you have to do is start. Very important soft and technical skills for a successful programmer. 

Search skill

search skill is a necessary skill. For everyone who works on the Internet, not just programmers, but if you are a beginner programmer, you will need it greatly. Every day you will face new challenges and other people before you faced these challenges. You only have to benefit from the experiences of others by searching and knowledge of how they were able to solve problems and overcome challenges. For example, if you want to learn a new programming language such as HTML .. go to Google and type HTML how to learn. Or you want to print a message, read the value of a variable or when you encounter an error, take it from the error list and put it on Google and write the name of the programming language and put this error next to it, the solution to this error will appear simply.

Analysis skill

Sometimes, you need to analyze the problem and divide it into small steps. Through those small steps, you can solve the big problem. As well as the problems that the programmer faces in programming tasks are divided into small tasks, solving and converting them into code. Example. If you want to understand a system and you do not know how to operate it. You need to see another system that works in the same way or use a program close to what is required of you to understand this system.
In addition, when you become a great programmer and manage a large system, the analysis skill will become very important for you. One of the reasons for people's rejection in interviews is their weak ability in analysis. Therefore, you should take data analysis courses and this will help improve your programming skills.

Implement task

 How do you implement the small tasks that you are making? you will implement them programmatically. For example, if you want to implement a shopping cart, If you do not know how to do it, go back to the first skill you learned, which is the search, You will do a shopping cart in PHP. If you are searching in PHP on how to implement a shopping cart, You will find ready-made codes that will help you understand how to do it.


solving the problem is a skill that characterizes all leaders and all successful businessmen. and without a doubt, it is the characteristic of a successful programmer. Fortunately, problem-solving skills can be learned by harnessing the incredible power of your mind. 

Problem-solving is one of the most important and indispensable skills of any programmer. No programming without problems, It is necessary to know the cause of the problem and understand how to solve it. For example, if you have a problem with HTML or CSS, you must learn to inspect elements and look for the class that created a problem or the element that caused a problem in the form in front of you. Or you have a problem with Javascript, how do you do debugging for Javascript and go line by line and how do you log in to the console and know that there is an error in a particular line?

 Some popular methods help you solve problems.

 Trial and error method 
It is a common problem-solving technique that relies mainly on trial and error by experimenting with solutions and excluding useless solutions until we reach the optimal solution. The trial and error method is used to solve simple or complex problems.


Divide and conquer method 

Divide and conquer is an engineering technique that you use to solve complex problems, It is about dividing the big problem into small parts to learn how to deal with each part to make it easier to solve the problem. The sum of solving small problems is a large part of solving the original problem and is considered one of the most efficient and effective methods for complex problems.

Database design skill

Database design is a skill that allows you to store data in an organized and sound manner so that you can use it, in the end, more easily. It includes many types, the most important of which are:
  • Arrays
  • Stack
  • Queues
  • Trees
  • and other primitive types.
For example, if a problem takes several days for a programmer who has not learned this skill, you can solve it within an hour. Database design is one of the most important basic skills that a successful programmer acquires. The database is a place to record and store the data needed by any program that we have created to serve a particular business or institution. A correctly designed database provides access to accurate information because the correct design is necessary to achieve the desired program goals. Incorrect data increases the possibility of errors and inconsistencies, and any reports that use information from the database will contain incorrect information, and any decision based on these reports will be misleading. Therefore, designing a correct database is important.
 To properly design a database you must
  • Determine the purpose of the database.
  • Find the required information that you may need to record in the database.
  • Organize  information into tables.

Text editor

As a programmer, finding a text editor that works for you is crucial. You will spend a lot of time working on it, so be smart about choosing the most suitable editor that will help you improve your productivity. Programmatically The text editor on your computer allows you to create and edit a set of programming language files. Text editors handle "manual coding" for many different languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

proficiency with programming languages

To be able to become a successful programmer, you must become a professional in some programming languages. Of course, you will not be able to learn all programming languages, so it is necessary to focus your energy and understanding on the languages ​​that you mainly use in your work.

For example, a Frontend developer needs to learn languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

While Backend Developer needs who learn languages

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Python
So, It is very important to reach professionalism in at least 2 or 3 languages ​​so that you can get job opportunities easily.

operating system programming

If you think that learning basic programming languages ​​is enough, you should rethink it a bit. It is important to have good experience with one or more operating systems. If you work as a software developer, you need to know one of the operating systems, for example, IOS, Android, Mac, or Windows. But not only operating systems, but you need to have experience with all the frameworks associated with this operating system.

Choosing the best stack or framework

Stack a complete set of technology unlike Framework. Framework means a software framework that includes a set of libraries that help you write code easily on one or more operating systems. Note, the framework may be part of a stack. A stack is a group of integrated types of technology that helps you to build a software application in an easier and faster way, and many companies have built their applications using any of the famous stacks, so finding programming jobs for you will be very easy because you can already develop a complete application. The most popular framework types according to the StackOverflow website
  • React
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • .Net
  •  Express
  • Numpy
.Net is the most popular and highly sought-after job site. The most famous types of stack 
  • MEAN
  • MERN
  •  MENU
  • LAMP
  • Flutter
Surely you found this information a little complicated, but do not worry, once you choose your specialty, you will find all the information you need in detail and you will find it very easy. code Library
A skill that you acquire with time and a lot of work, and if you do it from the beginning of your learning to programming, it will seem great. The code library is where you benefit from the things that you do before. that I mean, if you solve a problem, you keep the solution link in the library, and you can refer to the code when you need it again. For example, the user's page, the login page, the register page, and the remember me page. Why do you create them more than once, You can keep them in the code library So that you can use them in any system you are going to do. Building strong libraries will help you develop faster and better.

Keyboard typing skills

keyboard typing will help you in any way as a programmer. In principle, we agreed that a good programmer can finish his job quickly and without any problems If you can use the keyboard well and use the shortcuts well and you can write well. this will help you to complete your tasks faster, It speeds up your productivity. Some applications help you type quickly on the keyboard.

Time management

The first skill of a successful programmer is time management. When a programmer needs to learn a programming language or any new language, he needs a great deal of time. And when a programmer works in a company, he is asked to finish projects in a specific time, so any programmer must learn how to manage his time and professional speed arts, this helps him.

communication skill

The biggest problem in all areas of freelancing, especially programming, is that you do not deal with people much and spend most of the time in front of the computer screen. Therefore, most programmers often suffer from difficulty communicating with others, whether managers, co-workers, family, or even friends. However, you will sometimes have to communicate with others and if you do not develop that skill you have, it may be a major obstacle in your career. In addition, working as a freelance programmer will require you to be able to communicate with the client and explain the details to him easily and simply.

Top 4 communication skills for a successful programmer

A successful programmer must have high confidence, people often tend to communicate and get to know people who have high confidence in themselves, and are even attracted to ideas that are confidently expressed even if they are not creative ideas, while they may ignore genius ideas, just because those who presented them did not he had enough confidence in himself and his idea.
One of the most important aspects of respect is knowing the right time to start speaking or responding, whether it is while communicating with one person or a group of people. Allowing others to speak without interrupting them is one of the most important communication skills related to respect.
effective listening 
It is mean that to be a Successful programmer pay your full attention to the person talking to you. People who have the skill of active listening have a good reputation among their classmates and workmates, due to the interest and respect they show others.
Receive and provide feedback
Successful programmers with effective communication skills can accept criticism and feedback. They also do not hesitate to offer advice and constructive criticism to others. Recommended Reading: What is SEO and What Are The Best 4 Seo Tools